The best free software for your gaming PC 2022

best free software for your gaming PC: Enhance and enhance your gaming experience. Looking for essential free apps for your new gaming PC?

You have come to the right place. Whether you’ve just bought yourself a gaming PC or built one from scratch, taking it to the limit requires a large chunk of silicon and plastic humming software. Lucky for you, even if you’ve blown all your money on your rig, there are some apps out there that won’t cost you a dime.

Don’t let your shiny new PC sitting proudly in your office wait to reach its limit while you replenish your bank balance. There are some essential free apps for your new gaming PC that you can download now, at no cost, as long as you know where to look.

Our carefully curated collection of complimentary treats for PC Gaming Week 2020 should start you off on the right foot. These 10 must-have free apps for your new gaming PC will help turn your growing beast into a formidable powerhouse, keeping you on track. frame rate, voice chat with ease, and stream like a seasoned pro.



Valve’s essential PC gaming platform and marketplace

Well, that’s an easy sell. If you’ve built or bought a shiny new PC for the express purpose of gaming, there’s one piece of software you won’t be able to live without good ole Steam (Opens in a new tab). We love it here at TechRadar, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too.

Steam offers PC owners the kind of secure, professional ecosystem typically associated with closed-box consoles. You can find free-to-play games, cheap indies, or fully developed triple-A titles, and launch them directly from the software. There’s even support for achievements, as well as a Big Picture mode for gaming from your couch.

LogMeIn Hamachi

LogMeIn Hamachi

Enjoy multiplayer games on a secure virtual network, completely free

If you want to organize secure meetings or record multiple participants in a podcast or game session, you need to be able to rely on a strong and robust VPN (Virtual Private Network).

As you might have guessed, LogMeIn Hamachi is completely free to use since it’s listed on this list, but don’t let the absence of a price tag scare you away – Free is definitely not the same as ‘cheap’.

Hamachi enables you to set up an airtight network between multiple computers and do everything from sharing files to playing private games, using a highly secure P2P protocol that ensures It can easily access servers, firewalls, and routers. It boasts one of the simplest interfaces used in the world of VPNs, so if you’re relatively new to the concept, Hamachi won’t make you feel like a complete noob.

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Optimize your PC settings, no matter what gaming platform you’re using.

Razer, as a long-time purveyor of PC gaming peripherals, also makes some very powerful free software to optimize your machine. Of course, there are parts of the suite that will lead you to some of Razer’s premium apps, but there’s still plenty of free gold to be had with Razer Cortex: Game Booster.

It’s designed to work with all types of PCs, so whether you’re rocking a basic build or a souped-up monster of a rig, GameBooster has something to offer your machine. Whether you’re using Steam, Origin, or another platform to launch your games, GameBooster will automatically start trying to optimize your settings to improve your experience.

It’s a really neat bit of free software for your gaming PC, and it’s ideal if you’re looking for a little extra improvement without any effort. It’s also great if you want to give an old PC a little more work.



The best voice chat application for gamers, with optional encryption

Gaming can be a great source of escapism, but few things compare to joining your friends online for a good chat over your headset. Whether you want to connect to World of Warcraft or just chew the fat while everyone else is playing their own thing, a great VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) app is a must.

There are tons of options when it comes to voice chat, but our favorite VoIP app is TeamSpeak. You can connect with your friends with ease, and its set of options is seriously impressive, enabling you to tune sound levels, reduce echo and even use encryption. Is.

TeamSpeak is free for everyday non-commercial PC use, though you’ll need to open your wallet to rent a server or use the mobile app.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

The best free overclocking tool to squeeze extra performance out of your GPU

MSI originally wrote Afterburner to overclock its range of graphics cards but has since released the software to allow owners of Nvidia and AMD cards to overclock their hardware. has been opened for making. If you’re also interested in getting your new gaming PC’s graphics card to match its price tag, the free optimization software MSI Afterburner is a must.

Think of MSI Afterburner as a way to unlock your GPU’s inner potential – the software unlocks the voltage settings of your chosen hardware and enables you to optimize its overall performance.

Video memory and clock speed are the two areas where MSI Afterburner shines the most when it comes to overclocking your machine. Be warned, though – messing with these settings can seriously overheat your rig, so make sure your cooling unit is set to full blast before you start cooking your GPU.

OBS Studio

Advanced recording and streaming software for YouTube, Twitch, and more

You’ve got your new PC, a stable internet connection, and an unhealthy obsession with gaming. There’s only one way to do this: streaming.

There are tons of options out there when it comes to streaming your games, but many limits you unnecessarily. That’s where OBS Studio comes in – a wonderfully customizable piece of freeware that enables you to stream to your own server or to a variety of popular portals (including Twitch, DailyMotion, and more).

OBS Studio is also very easy to set up, so if you’re relatively new to the streaming scene you won’t get lost among all the options. If you want to go a little more advanced, there’s the option to adjust your webcam footage and add images/graphics to add that extra level of professionalism.

OBS Studio also supports HD streaming, so you can keep your pristine footage online if you’re broadcasting in high quality.



A free app that automatically adjusts your display to protect your eyes.

Away from your smartphone, gaming sessions usually mean long stretches in front of your display, pressing those peepers of yours in search of trophies and achievements. It’s a good old life, but it won’t do your eyes any good in the long run. One possible solution is a piece of software specifically designed to make your monitor less damaging in the long run.

One such option is f.lux, and it’s especially useful if you like to go with low light at night during your gaming hours. This free Windows app works by dynamically adjusting the color temperature of your display depending on the time of day and the light sources in your new gaming PC PC setup. This will help reduce eye strain and potentially improve sleep patterns when gaming later in the evening. It’s also very small, and won’t waste system resources better used by your favorite games.

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