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Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia for Foreigners 2023 Apply Here

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia for Foreigners 2023 Apply Here The agriculture sector is a fantastic example of an unskilled job opportunity available in Australia for international applicants from Asia, Africa, and South America, among other places.

There are numerous job chances in Australia for international applicants who want to work in a farm yard as fruit pickers. These kinds of positions are sometimes referred to as seasonal jobs, and they are normally filled through a large recruitment operation when the demand arises.

Fruit-picking jobs in Australia are typically in great demand throughout the winter season, as many companies are eager to begin harvesting their crops. An intriguing truth regarding fruit picking jobs in Australia is that some businesses will pay for your journey to Australia so you can labor in their yard. We will teach you everything you need to know about finding a high-paying fruit-picking job in Australia as a foreign worker.

Before that, it is critical to understand what is expected of you as a fruit-picking employee. The whole job description and application requirements for fruit-picking jobs in Australia can be seen below.

Job Description: Fruit picking job

A fruit and vegetable picker’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fruit identification, plucking, and sorting based on size, type, and ripeness.
  • Fruits of all sizes and varieties are examined, and decaying and overripe fruits are removed.
  • High-quality fruits and vegetables are measured and packed into boxes before being loaded into trucks.
  • Receiving, counting, labeling, and storing merchandise as needed.
  • Operating and maintaining various equipment for harvesting fruits and vegetables, as well as performing other associated chores.
  • Cleaning and maintaining a safe working environment.
Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia for Foreigners 2023 Apply Here
Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia for Foreigners 2023 Apply Here

Job Title Alternatives

Fruit and vegetable picker berry picker vegetable picker fruit and vegetable harvester farm laborers fruit and vegetable picker crop harvester crop picker fruit and veggie pickers

Application Requirements / Qualifications / Skills

The following common abilities and qualifications should be included in a farmer’s job description:

  • Excellent communication abilities.
  • Physical fitness is required.
  • Outstanding hand-eye coordination.
  • Understanding of optimum farming practices.
  • Capable of working extended hours on-site.

Fruit Picker Salary in Australia

The average monthly compensation for fruit/vegetable picking employees working on farmland in Australia is $1,000. This figure may be greater or lower based on the criteria examined during the course of employment.

Workers engaged as fruit/vegetable pickers are paid per hour or by the quantity of fruit picked, as opposed to other forms of unskilled labor prospects abroad. This component is normally negotiated and agreed upon by both parties engaged in the employment contract. Many fruit-picking jobs in Australia provide additional remuneration such as bonuses, housing, and food.

Where Can I Find High-Paying Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship?

As a foreign applicant, there are various options for finding high-paying agricultural or fruit harvesting jobs in Australia. Some of the most prevalent ways to find high-paying fruit-picking jobs in Australia are listed below.

Request that someone in Australia look for a fruit harvesting job on your behalf: As a foreigner with a relative or friend in Australia, you might ask them to contact local farms and orchards on your behalf for visa sponsorship fruit picking jobs.
Examine Abroad Employment Agencies: There are numerous overseas job agencies located across the world’s seven continents. Reaching out to someone with a strong reputation and a track record is an excellent first step.
Look for a Job Posting Board: Hundreds of international job posting boards are another excellent option for international applicants seeking visa sponsorship for fruit harvesting employment in Australia. Search their websites for the most recent job openings in the relevant category/field.
If you use any of these three mediums this year, you will go a long way. Don’t forget that you may also contact us for advice via our contact page.

The list of top available fruit harvesting jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship is provided below.

Australia Visa Sponsor Fruit Picker Jobs

  • Apple picking in Victoria or New South Wales
  • Berry picking in Queensland or Western Australia
  • Mango picking in the Northern Territory or Queensland
  • Peach picking in South Australia or Victoria
  • Grape picking in South Australia or Victoria
  • Orange picking in New South Wales or Victoria
  • Queensland banana picking
  • Avocado picking in Queensland or New South Wales
  • Pineapple picking in Queensland
  • Cherry picking in Victoria or Tasmania

How to Apply?

To apply for a high-paying fruit/vegetable picking job in Australia with visa sponsorship as a foreign applicant, simply click on the application link below.

On the home page, you will see a list of hundreds of open fruit-picking jobs for foreigners in Australia. Navigate through these positions and apply for the ones that are a good fit for you.

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