Zapya Apk Download Latest Version 

Zapya Apk Download: Share any format of files online or offline for free in Zapya. Send files offline to your friends in multiple ways. Create a group, a QR code, a shake to connect, or just send files around.

Support iOS to Android transfer.

You can connect an iOS device to an Android phone and create a Zapya group on Android to transfer files.

  • Backup files to new device.

Back up all the folders and content on your old device and transfer them to the new one with a simple click

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Take care of all your file-sharing needs in one place! When you use Zapya, you can quickly share files of any size and format across all platforms whether you’re offline or online. File transfer has never been easier!

When you share offline using Zapya, you can transfer files between Android devices, iOS devices, and/or your PC without using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Zapya offers four easy offline sharing methods so you can share files with someone close by. You can either: create a group and invite others to join, generate a personalized QR code for others to scan or shake to connect with another device, or just those nearby. Send files to

When you share online using Zapya, you can transfer files from any device with a web browser. By clicking the Zapya Transfer icon on the transfer page, you can easily share files with people around the world. Zapya Transfer is free to use and available in multiple languages.

Zapya Apk Features

Following are some additional features of Zapya.

  • Users can now not only share videos but also watch them on the app.
  • Back up your old phone and transfer it to your new phone. To access this feature; The user must allow the following:
  • Call list
  • Read phone status
  • Chatting is also one of the features of Zappia. You can chat with nearby users without using any mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • Built-in file manager.
  • Built-in app store with many download options. Like Androidapksfree app.

Pros and Cons of Zapya Apk


  • Easy to use with no complicated setup
  • Allows you to use a wireless network to connect to different devices
  • Offers fast and free file transfers
  • Supports unlimited file transfers
  • Offers group connectivity option
  • With a built-in media player and gallery


  • Media player needs to support HD videos

Zapya Apk Download Latest Version 

Final Thoughts

Zapya is one of the best file transfer tools for mobile devices. It offers fast and free P2P file transfer over wireless networks. It is a must-have app for students, media workers, photographers, and small business groups.

It’s not a traditional file manager iOS app, but it does offer some management capabilities in addition to its advanced transfer features.

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